What separates successful calling campaigns from unsuccessful ones is a good Call Agent who transforms the call from unwanted distraction to welcomed interruption.

Many factors influence call outcomes. The majority of them have to do with the person who makes the call. They must be adept at: understanding of the call goal, knowing the calling script, delivering the script in a pleasant and convincing manner, being positive and enthusiastic, and knowing how to close the call—just to name a few key skills.

Choose what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Let our Call Agents review your list of prospects and verify data through calls. They can also further qualify leads by asking relevant questions.


Let our Call Agents take care of your calling needs to ensure customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Before eCore Call Agents begin client-specific training, they complete in-house eCore training and screening to ensure they’re equipped with the basic knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed.
They take the best practices they’ve learned and perfected them and incorporate them into their work with clients.

In addition:

  • If you don’t have a starting list of prospects our Data Management Team Solution can help you compile the list based on your Ideal Customer Profile. Data Management Team >
  • We can help you with your calling script to make sure it has all the elements needed to increase success.
  • Our dedicated Team Lead can coach Call Agents to ensure quality and performance.
  • Ongoing training can be conducted to make sure our Call Agents are always improving and meeting KPIs. We take care of our team so they can take care of your clients.
  • All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.
  • We maintain ongoing communication with you to review any feedback and implement changes to ensure the continued success of your campaign. 

With eCore’s Calling and Customer Support Teams Solution you get:


  • Highly trained, dedicated, and motivated Call Agents focused on critical targets.
  • Multilingual Call Agents.
  • 24/7 live agent coverage.
  • Ongoing support and team management from eCore Team Leads.

Addressing Covid-19 related continuity of service issues.

A client with two U.S.-based call centers had to close them both and urgently needed an alternative solution.  

After working with eCore for a few months, we helped them:

  • Hire 50+ Call Agents for outbound calling.
  • Train a team on tools and previously agreed upon scripts.
  • Assemble a QA team to constantly monitor quality and ensure challenges were addressed in a timely manner.
  • With a dedicated Team Lead to monitor overall progress and provide continuous feedback to the team.

Supporting a leading European data vendor.

This client was delivering high quality European leads to their clients. They wanted to test the quality of their database through phone interviews. 

We helped them with:

  • Call center-based data collection.
  • Native European speaking call agents (Dutch, German, and French).
  • Verifying account information.
  • Verifying contact information.
  • Updating the client database.
  • Preparing the contact for further communication with the client. 

Katie Allen, Research Manager & Data Protection Officer

“As we expand our database into new countries, eCore helps us to quality check our international data using Tamar’s team of knowledgeable, multilingual call agents.
There is a deep understanding of the project requirements, it runs efficiently and is delivered in good time with high quality data and attention to detail.”

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