Data is a collection of facts. Information is processed, organized, and structured data.

Bad data = bad or incomplete information.

Your prospect and customer data needs to be accurate and consistently presented in a manner that is not dependent on the viewer and easily processed by your CRM platform. That’s what we call actionable data.

We provide data in a format that makes getting information from it as easy as reading.

By using our data team to find accurate data, you’ll always have the right information in front of you to get that perfect client at the perfect time.

Effective data management provides you with actionable data and information, time savings, cost reduction, high conversion rates, and greater. Data management is no longer “good to have”—it’s a “must have.”

Our Data team can help with:


  • Find new accounts and contacts based on your ideal customer profile.
  • Get hard-to-find data points requiring research across multiple platforms.
  • Use custom data points for personalized outreach campaigns.

eCore data is generated in real-time
with at least 90% accuracy.


  • Enhance existing lists with additional data about decisionmakers and other targeted titles.
  • Update contact list with the most recent data.
  • Add mission information for added value and faster conversion of prospects to clients.

Human-verified data ensures your CRM is fully optimized for your sales team.


  • Ensure  dynamic datasets in your targeted account lists through monitoring of key role changes, departures and new hires to identify:
    • Change agents-new hires interested in new technology and innovation.
    • Influencers-people who moved from a client company to a prospect company who fit your target criteria.
    • Competitors-purchase decision-makers who have purchased competitors’ products.
  • Track trigger events that create sales opportunities (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, company relocation or expansion, recent funding, event announcements, etc.)

Your competitors may be expecting their sales team to manually search for triggers and context.
We’ll help you scale and automate the process so your sales team can focus on selling.

Your data is your data! Any data generated for you is yours, and not sold to any other third party. You’ll work with a dedicated team of expert eCore data researchers solely focused on finding the most recent, accurate data to meet your requirements.

Finding hard-to-find data in narrow niche markets.

Our client was looking for specific title contacts in the property management industry. The industry is complex, and they had been spending 80% of their time looking for the right contacts and industry details in multiple websites, databases, and reports.

We pulled together a data management team solution that:

  • Included a dedicated team of researchers, a data quality specialist and a team lead.
  • Identified target market accounts.
  • Combined data from multiple sources into a single, easy-to-manage contact list.

By working with us, sales development reps were able to focus on reaching out to these contacts through phone- and email-ready leads. The time they used to spend on research can now be spent on converting leads!  

Achieving a fast turnaround for inbound B2B data.

A B2B data technology solutions provider client that provides high quality data to their customers wanted to increase data quality. While most of their processes were automated, they came to us to add human verification to boost accuracy. 

Our human data enhancement solution:

  • Provided a dedicated team of researchers, a data quality specialist, a trainer and a team lead.
  • Monitored the work closely.
  • Met set timelines.

This client was able to achieve higher customer satisfaction due to increased data quality, a 35% higher data enrichment rate, a reduction on “uncertain” data from 30% to 5%, an increase in access to direct dial/mobile phone numbers, and a reduction in turnaround time for special requests from 5 business days to 24 hours. 

Are you a data provider yourself?

We can help you keep your data relevant.

Big data companies rely on the accuracy of huge data sets. Their lists need to be fully up to date—not the result of an automated scrape from six months ago, or more.

That’s why they call us. 

We know how fast the world works—and how fluid the employment landscape is, especially these days. Our Data Management Team Solution adds the human touch to ensure that crucial contact information like phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles are up to date.

We help data providers protect their databases from decay, ensuring that contact information is correct, in the proper format, and verified by one of our data experts.

Automation can only take your data so far. Around 60% of automated data is “somewhat” accurate, meaning that email addresses might be real but not, necessarily, active. People move on to new companies and roles frequently these days. Automated solutions rely on that information being constantly updated. It isn’t.

Clients love our teams and data

Chelsea Coppinger, FISP Lead

“eCore has been instrumental to our success as we continue to build out our Business Development team and expand to new markets. They act as an extension of our team and support our efforts in market research, data enrichment, and lead development. I like how we have a dedicated eCore team who is consistent with communication and deliverables. They are also a pleasure to work with, which is the icing on the cake!”

Mehul Kulkarni, Co-founder

“As an early stage startup, eCore has been instrumental in helping us find and qualify leads. They provide quality data fast and iterate based on any feedback we send their way to make sure every lead is relevant. We would highly recommend them.”

J. Ryan Williams, Founder (Producer, Outside the Valley)

“Working with the team at eCore connected our team with dozens of “dream prospects” and landed us the biggest deal that any of our team have personally worked on. Fast, efficient and highly recommended!”

Nick, SaaS RevOps Leader

“I’ve now had the opportunity to work with eCore Services at three high-growth SaaS startups. The quality of the account data they provide is simply unparalleled.
Working with eCore saves our SDR team hours of account research each week. Since our reps don’t have to spend hours manually searching for contact data online or wasting time with poor quality ZoomInfo data, our reps can instead focus on high-quality outreach and booking qualified meetings with our ideal customers. As a result, eCore has dramatically boosted our SDR team’s productivity and success. I would recommend their team to every data-driven sales and marketing leader out there – except for our competitors!”

Jeff, Demand Generation Leader (Tech Startups)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with eCore Services on two fronts – Data Services and SDRs. In both instances, my firm conducted thorough research with the incumbent vendors before selecting eCore Services as the clear winner. Since then, the team has become a trusted partner instrumental to our success.

On the Data Services side eCore was able to provide significantly better B2B data than ZoomInfo in large part to their unique quality control processes and human validation of the records we were focused on as an essential part of our ABM strategy.  They not only revealed and cleaned more bad data, but they also provided additional data that ZoomInfo could not source.”

But don’t trust us—or our highly satisfied clients. Trust our data. We offer a free pilot engagement where you get 50 contacts to experience the eCore difference yourself.

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