The big data providers call on us to verify their data

Big data companies rely on the accuracy of their huge data sets. They know their lists need to be fully up-to-date and reflect the present day, not an automated scrape from six months ago or more.

That’s why they call us.¬†We know how fast the world works and how fluid employment is. Our human-verification service keeps crucial contact information like phone numbers, emails and social media profiles up-to-date.

Automation can only take your data so far

We help data providers protect their databases from decay, ensuring that contact information isn’t just present, but that it is correct, in the proper format and verified by one of our data specialists.

Around 60% of automated data is ‘somewhat’ accurate, meaning the email addresses might be real but it doesn’t mean they’re active. People move on, change companies and roles and automated solutions rely on that information being constantly updated, which it isn’t.

We'll keep your data lists alive and relevant.