All eCore employees and contractors work remotely, so you can trust us when we say we know everything about the effort and dedication that goes into planning, managing, and successfully executing a fully remote organizational structure.

Based on our previous experience managing teams of 500+ remote workers, we translated the best practices we’ve learned into our company culture and service offerings. We strongly believe that despite the rapid growth and capabilities of technology, human capital is still the best investment a business can make.

eCore’s Project Management Team Solution defines and maintains standards for project management within your organization. We not only hire and manage project managers (PMs) for you, we standardize and introduce economies of scale for project execution while implementing improvements to increase project deliverables.

We are the source of professionals, documentation, guidance, and metrics for successful project management and execution.

Based on your specific needs we will:


Your plan will include milestones to help track the progress of your investment.


Whether already working with eCore, or part of our extensive network of skilled talent, we’ll find the right people to match your Ideal Candidate Profile.


We’ll work with you and your team to ensure that everyone is clear about expected outcomes and measures of succes.


We’ll assign you a team lead who will be responsible for ongoing management, performance, execution, and motivation.


We’ll do the heavy lifting to help you manage large teams.


Through established procedures, processes, timelines, and training, we’ll help you grow our team as you grow your company.

You focus on your business and its results. We’ll take care of the day-to-day operations and challenges that go with managing rapidly growing teams.

Establishing and continuously managing a remote project management team.

This client was running fast-paced projects with tight deadlines in the software development industry. They were struggling with hiring, managing, and retaining Project Managers (PM). Their PM churn rate was over 50%. Worse, due to lack of commitment from PMs, their client satisfaction and retention suffered.

We helped them:

  • Hire, train, mentor and manage 20+ PMs.
  • Implement and standardize operational procedures across the PM department.

  • Integrate the PM department with other parts of the organization.

  • Establish guidelines for project life cycle.

  • Increase PM retention to 80%.

  • Increase projects/PM by optimizing processes.

  • Improve client communication and satisfaction.

  • Lower the risk of customer churn.

Discovering a need for a new team through active engagement.

While working with this client on implementing our PM Team Solution we noticed a gap in organizational workflow that was causing a lot of delays in the scoping of projects. These delays ultimately lead to a lower number of converted clients than desired.

We offered suggestions on how to improve the situation. Our client accepted our recommendations, and we were able to:

  • Identify the type of team needed to fill the gap.
  • Fully define the role description and Ideal Candidate Profile.

  • Onboard a team of business analysts who now staff an entire department that is continuously growing.

  • Redefine the scoping process to ensure timelines are met every time.

  • Improve client conversion and overall satisfaction.

Not only do we provide highly efficient Project Management Teams, but we also use our experience to improve processes we encounter during our engagement. We make sure our PM team is highly integrated in your organization. Cross-functionality is not compromised—but improved.

Fast-growing companies are often in a position of “building the car while they’re driving it.” That leads to inefficient processes, procedures, training, and development. We work with our clients to address all of these inefficiencies–not just to save time and money through our PM Team Solution, but to strengthen the company’s organizational culture.

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