Office Coffee App

Transform your office coffee routine with our
cutting-edge technology.

About the App

This innovative application aims to streamline and expedite the coffee vending experience, introducing a unique payment model that enhances efficiency and convenience for users. By adopting a contactless approach, the app promises to redefine the way coffee enthusiasts interact with vending machines.

One of the standout features of this application is its utilization of a seamless QR code integration. Clients can now effortlessly scan the QR code associated with their desired coffee selection, initiating an instant and secure payment process. This method not only reduces transaction times but also ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

The Problem

The most significant problem was creating a dashboard for all operators that will use the coffee vending machines and keeping track of their products, revenue and sales.

Our Solution

Optimize ops with a centralized backend dashboard to monitor multiple machines across different campuses or buildings. Tracking exact usage on a per dispense measure, inventory levels, & drink popularity.

21+ Drink selections

Including oat milk, coconut milk, and chai options!

Our solution is fast, secure, and convenient, providing
you with a seamless coffee purchasing experience
every time. Say goodbye to the hassle and join the
future of coffee vending with our system.

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