Snak Chat

Grow your social circle by curating in person
connections with individuals that have similar interests.

About the App

Picture this: You find your app-crush, and instead of just waving a digital hello, you get to send them an invitation to hang out! You’re the social maestro, suggesting the coolest spot in town and the perfect time to kick off the festivities.

It’s like throwing a virtual party where the venue and vibe are entirely up to you. Want to shoot hoops at the local court? Awesome. Fancy a networking coffee at the trendiest cafe? You got it. Or how about turning a regular Tuesday into a spontaneous dinner date? The stage is yours!

Once you have found a user you want to match with you can send them a personalized invitation, specifying both the place and time that best suits your shared interests.

This feature empowers users to take the lead in planning their social engagements. It’s a seamless and straightforward method—no need for lengthy negotiations or complicated logistics. Your potential match receives a tailored invitation, granting them the flexibility to accept the proposal at their convenience.

Snake Chat App

Curated Connections

As you navigate the platform, don’t just find your
matches—orchestrate memorable encounters at your
preferred time and place with ease. The power to
curate your social journey is in your hands.

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