Remote team management is what we know. Teamwork is what we
believe in.

We specialize in remote teams because we believe that geography
shouldn’t be a barrier to providing value. Good people, empowered by
education and training, can do just about anything.

We’re problem solvers by nature. We’ll spend time with you to assess
what your business needs and then use our networks to create a team to
meet those demands.

Our measure of success is improvement—both for us and our clients.

We help you find, place and manage remote workers to be part of your:


Experienced professionals deliver projects in both waterfall and agile methodologies.



  • High project delivery rate.
  • Fast onboarding.
  • Proactive approach.
  • Customer-driven satisfaction.


Expert data researchers to gather, enhance or validate any type of data.



  • Access to hard-to-find data.
  • Actionable data.
  • Data organized for your CRM.


Business Development Representatives / Sales Development Representatives are highly focused on generating prospects through cold email/calls to move sales conversations forward.


  • Save up to 80% of the time for your Inside Sales Managers.
  • Generate more qualified leads.
  • Achieve faster closing times.


Call agents trained to meet your needs for cold sales calls, customer service calls, and updating contact lists.


  • 24/7 availability.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • High connect and conversion rates.

eCore is skilled in implementing long-term sustainable processes, improving procedures and building teams focused on continuous operational improvement.  

We guarantee:


  • Result-driven remote work expertise. Our focus is on continuity of service.
  • Innovative solutions. We harness bottom-up innovation to drive creative solutions.
  • A people-first orientation. We take care of our people, so they take care of your business.
  • Reasonable prices and exceptional service.

eCore Workflow

At eCore we’re focused on partnering with you to achieve the best outcomes for your business. We invest energy in making sure everything is clear from the outset by following these key steps:

An opportunity for us to sit down and begin information gathering.

We want to learn as much as possible about:

  • Your company. 
  • Your organization’s goals and clients.
  • The specific challenges you’re facing and trying to solve.
  • Your current procedures.
  • Your expectations.
  • How you measure success.

This is also a great time for you to ask us anything about us and our processes that you want to know.

To fully integrate your new team into your organization, we schedule small group or one-on-one meetings with key people from your organization who will be responsible for day-to-day communication, overseeing progress and involvement in ongoing efforts. 

This is where we get more details about:

  • Current processes.
  • Current challenges.
    • Productivity and reliability.
    • Areas of delays and miscommunication.
    • Lack of procedures or lack of execution.
  • Current apps and platforms used.

One or more meetings will be held as necessary to gather information and answer any questions that may arise. But we respect your time, so will not schedule sessions for matters that can be resolved via email or a quick call.

Once we’ve gathered the background information, we’ll develop the strategy that will provide the best solution for your identified challenges and propose an initial plan of action.

Key components of the plan are:

  • Timeline of events (e.g.  starting date, check-in calls, onboarding time). 
  • Precise definition of successful cooperation.
  • Breakdown of results to be achieved.
  • KPIs to measure success.

Other components may vary based on your needs and the type of service and goals you want to achieve—but, no matter what they are, they will always be included in our plan.

Next we help you implement the plan and create a continuous, mutually beneficial partnership. Together we’ll follow the agreed upon plan, measure results and move forward to achieve desired goals.

Of course, we understand that not everything can be predicted. That’s why we will also:

  • Closely monitor team results.
  • Continuously improve processes based on new information.
  • Continuously improve training materials, adding any new requirements.
  • Adjust the based on internal changes.
  • Work continuously to be an extended arm of your organization.

We don’t just love success stories. We love to build them.

In addition to managing our own team of 200+ members, we have a strong history of building highly productive and efficient teams for our clients.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf or tailor-made solution we’ve got you covered.

Ready to partner with us?