Who is eCore?

After spending 15 years in the Non-Profit Industry, working in economic and infrastructure development for remote regions and education we’ve experienced first-hand how a motivated, managed and high-functioning team can change the world.


We also know that geography doesn’t dictate someone’s talent and aptitude for any challenge. We’ve worked with talent from every corner of the globe and found that individuals with access to proper training, cultural understanding and support exist and can shine in all those corners. We’ve built geographically and culturally diverse teams that provide much more value than homogenous teams.


We also understand that nothing comes easily. After 15 years working with start ups, we know that what truly differentiates success from failure is hard work and strong communication. We truly love the work we do, not only because we choose to work with clients that have the same values as us, but because we know we bring value to organisations through our experience.