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B2B Data Services

We make sure your sales and customer data is accurate, efficient and saves your sales team valuable time 

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Remote Team Management

We provide expert project management, business operations, customer service and business development teams

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Data Verification for Data Providers

We use our specialists to do what automation can’t, verifying valuable data lists and generating increased customer satisfaction for data providers.

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What problems do we solve?
Here are just a few examples.

The Right Data Saves Time

80% of your sales team’s time is spent on research. It’s a staggering amount. This is time usually spent going through low-quality contact data in CRMs, searching for the people that make the decisions and trying to personalize approaches. We save you that time, providing all those services at a lower rate than you’re paying your team and more importantly giving them the right tools to connect with potential customers more often.

We Work With Big Data To Make Them Better

90% of the processes that big data companies use is automated, but only 60% of that data is accurate. That’s obviously a problem and low retention rates and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of the industry. There are aspects that can’t be automated, which is our specialty. We find data points that automation can’t, we constantly curate and build user profiles and map behaviours that enrich the data and keep customers coming back.

Tuning Up Complex Operations

We’re trained and certified project managers at our core. Project Management fails without proper processes and procedures. So many companies find this out the hard way.

Working largely with start-and-scale-up companies, we know that fast growth can lead to operational inefficiency, a lack of process and ineffective procedures which can slowly drain your key resources – money and time. We use our expertise to analyse and improve internal processes, improve interactions between internal teams and remove the waste by finding solutions to your inefficiency problems.

Scaling With Urgency

Companies approach us with a problem. They’ve received funding, they want to accelerate but they’re usually experts in their field, not experts in problem solving a rapid scale up. We sit, we listen, we analyse and we create and manage teams to solve unique problems without the administrative burden of hiring, managing and motivating falling on to the business owners. Don’t let the same problems slow you down.

We Find That ‘Impossible’ Customer Data

Data is everywhere, but it’s rarely in one place or a perfect form. We know how to find those impossible data points and collate them in made-to-measure lists.

We had a company in New York who needed to target buildings with specific square footage to find eligible customers for their solar panels, and we did it. We have had façade inspection companies that needed to target customers with buildings that required inspection every 5 years, we found them.

We Make Sense Out Of The Chaos

A lot of the data you need you probably already possess, be it through tracking interactions, collecting contact information or having the specific know-how of your business niche. You probably also don’t have that data organised, optimised or collated to allow you to make the most from it. We specialize in consulting with companies to look at their customer data, find what’s useful and able to be curated and collate it into useful and easy data sets for your sales representatives.

Why our clients trust us

We listen, we plan, we execute

  • We listen and assess your needs, every issue has nuance
  • We use our project management expertise to provide actionable solutions to the issues that are present, we plan
  • Every problem has a solution, and with a sustainable and achievable plan created by certified project managers, we know how to execute

Results are what matters

  • Helping sales teams save up to 40% of their time by removing bad contact information and keeping that information up-to-date
  • We qualify your leads, saving your sales professionals time that they can spend on closing
  • We communicate. Ultimately success depends on aligning and executing a realistic plan, and open and honest communication is what we value most

We don’t work with everyone

  • Our clients are chosen based on our ability to deliver value for their business
  • We only work with customers where there is a genuine fit
  • This means we keep our clients because they know we work for them and it means our team is always engaged and keen to stretch for our clients

We work with clients that we love

The eCore team has been valuable partners to Zignal in all of our sales and lead generation efforts. They are very good at operating at both the strategic and tactical level and are relentless when it comes to getting results.

Jennifer GranstonChief Customer Officer at Zignal Labs

My firm conducted thorough research with the incumbent vendors before selecting eCore Services as the clear winner.
Since then, the team has become a trusted partner instrumental to our success.
On the Data Services side eCore was able to provide significantly better B2B data than ZoomInfo in large part to their unique quality control processes and human validation of the records we were focused on as an essential part of our ABM strategy. They not only revealed and cleaned more bad data, but they also provided additional data that ZoomInfo could not source.

I've managed in-house and outsourced BDR teams for B2B firms for decades, and can without hesitation recommend eCore Services when it comes to efficiently driving accountable B2B revenue.

JeffDemand Generation Leader - Tech Startups

I’ve now had the opportunity to work with eCore Services at three high-growth SaaS startups. The quality of the account data they provide is simply unparalleled.

Working with eCore saves our SDR team hours of account research each week. Since our reps don’t have to spend hours manually searching for contact data online or wasting time with poor quality ZoomInfo data, our reps can instead focus on high-quality outreach and booking qualified meetings with our ideal customers. As a result, eCore has dramatically boosted our SDR team’s productivity and success. I would recommend their team to every data-driven sales and marketing leader out there - except for our competitors!

NickSaaS RevOps Leader

As an early stage startup, eCore has been instrumental in helping us find and qualify leads. They provide quality data fast and iterate based on any feedback we send their way to make sure every lead is relevant. We would highly recommend them.

Mehul KulkamiCo-Founder at Sitetrace

As we expand our database into new countries, eCore helps us to quality check our international data using Tamar’s team of knowledgeable, multilingual call agents.
There is a deep understanding of the project requirements, it runs efficiently and is delivered in good time with high quality data and attention to detail.

Katie AllenResearch Manager & Data Protection Officer - Rhetorik

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