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Master your ADHD with Focus App

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About the project

Focus is a comprehensive mobile application designed to support individuals with ADHD in enhancing their productivity, task management, and learning capabilities. Tailored with a user-friendly interface and specialized tools, this app integrates innovative features aimed at promoting focus and improving daily routines.

My role: UI / UX Design, Research

Fonts & typography

Incorporating Nunito Sans font into my design has been a crucial decision. It’s a clean, modern, and versatile sans-serif typeface which is characterized by its rounded edges, making it friendly and approachable while maintaining excellent readability across different screen sizes and resolutions.

Nunito Sans

Grid system

Special attention to detail.

Carefully chosen illustrations.

Easy sign up process

An easy sign-up process was created so we can have a significant impact on user engagement, conversion rates, and overall user experience.

Some of the functionalities

Learning modules

Comprehensive learning modules within the app, designed to empower growth and skill development. Whether you’re enhancing your knowledge, mastering a new hobby, or seeking professional development, our curated modules offer an immersive and personalized learning experience, helping you thrive at your own pace.

Magic timer

Magic Timer is the feature for efficient task organization and time management. With a sleek interface and customizable features, it helps you stay focused and accomplish tasks effectively. Set timers for specific activities, create personalized schedules, and track your progress seamlessly.

Interactive reward system

As you complete learning modules, tasks, and journals, earn points, badges, or unlock exciting milestones. Stay motivated and track your progress while celebrating your achievements. Rewarding system not only acknowledges your dedication but also encourages continuous learning and productivity, making your journey towards growth and success even more fulfilling.

Version for tablet also available


In conclusion, the journey of designing a mobile app tailored for ADHD management has been a purpose-driven endeavor.
My UI/UX design for this App prioritized accessibility, focusing on streamlining tasks, enhancing focus, and fostering learning in a user-friendly environment.
The app’s interface was meticulously crafted, incorporating features like customizable task lists, focus-enhancing techniques, and interactive learning modules.
The aim was to not only assist in organizing daily routines but also to cultivate an environment conducive to personal growth and skill development.

Throughout the design process, my commitment remained centered on the user – understanding their needs, challenges, and aspirations.

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