Psychology Game

Explore the unique blend of entertainment and education

Tools used:

About the project

This Island-themed Psychology Game has been crafted to
offer a seamless blend of entertainment and educational
elements. The app caters to the cognitive development of
children (4-12) and adolescents (13-17), providing a secure,
parent-approved environment right from the account creation
My role: UI / UX Design, Overall All Design, Research

Team: 1 UI / UX Designer, 2 Developers, 1 Project Manager

Timeline: 16+ weeks


30+ Avatars Created

After the Log In/Sign Up process the player can select his/her
For this island-themed psychology game, over 30 ethnically
diverse avatars were created. Boys and girls, adorned in
vibrant island attire, offer a personalized touch to each
player’s journey. Explore themes in the shop using earned
shells, making the virtual world as unique as the child playing.
Celebrate diversity, express individuality, and embark on a
captivating adventure.
Player Avatars: 10

Instructor Avatars: 24

Fonts & typography

The font choices were made to enhance the gaming experience. Summer Show which is the primary font brings a playful and vibrant feel, echoing the excitement of summer. Complementing it is Ubuntu, the secondary font, ensuring easy readability with a touch of laid-back charm. Together, they create a visually cohesive and enjoyable design.

Color Palette

Step into the island paradise where colors reflect the essence of tropical joy. From calming mint to crystal-clear turquoise, lively orange, and sun-kissed yellow, each hue paints the vibrant energy of this virtual haven. Grounded in stability with tan, textured by browns, and enriched with lush greens, the palette creates an immersive and delightful gaming experience.

Gaming Features:

In “Fish Mind Reading” stripe animations and lively underwater scenes enhance a delightful guessing game.
“Tree Shaking” combines palm tree shaking and falling shells, prompting ethical choices. “Voice Your Values” features drag
and drop features, fostering self-discovery. The illustrations, including stripe animations, create a visually enchanting experience, making the Island Games a dynamic fusion of entertainment and exploration for young minds!

Log In / Sign Up Process:

Designed for a chill experience, let’s get this adventure started with just a few filled text boxes!

Shop Feature:

All 10 avatars within each theme are designed to perfectly complement the chosen visual narrative. Players can download a finished picture of their chosen theme, immersing themselves in its vibrant details. Additionally, for a touch of personal artistic expression, a black and white coloring book version is available, allowing users to add their unique hues to the adventure.

Shop Themes:

Low Value, Middle Value and High Value themes – differentiated by the number and complexity of design elements.

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